Green SiC powder 10000# for foam glass insulation

In the field of new building materials, the development trend of foam glass insulation is rapid. The other name of foam glass is ceramic sponge. As an external wall insulation material, it has the characteristics of good insulation effect, flame retardancy, non-deformation, and long service life. Green SiC powder is a popular ceramic material, and green SiC  10000# is an alpha-phase green silicon carbide powder with a SiC purity of over 98%. Its particle size range is between 0.3um and 2.5um, with a median particle size of 0.6-0.8um in D50. This ultra-fine SiC powder is not only a finely ground polishing powder but can also be added to composite materials to improve their physical properties.

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Black Silicon Carbide F20 F24 F30 F54 F70 anti-skid floor aggregate

Black silicon carbide (Carborundum) is a good filler as an anti-skid aggregate in flooring. It can improve the anti-skid performance and service life. Meanwhile, it can reduce maintenance costs after installation. At present, the main materials added to wear-resistant flooring include quartz sand, garnet, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, and other materials.  The cost of Silicon carbide is the highest. However, it’s the most workable one with good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and durability. Black silicon carbide F24, F30, F54, and F70 are commonly adopted in flooring applications.

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silicon carbide powder for pistol grip

Silicon carbide powder is an extremely hard abrasive material.  It always works as raw abrasive grits for sanding paper, grinding wheels, etc. For its high wear resistance, Silicon carbide powder performs well as pistol grip for hunting guns. It can enhance the friction between the hand and the grip.

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Black silicon carbide F240 F320 mesh for engine lubricating oil

The main functions of engine oil are lubrication, cooling, rust prevention, sealing, etc. The main purpose of lubricating oil is to lubricate the engine, reduce engine wear, lower engine temperature, and prevent parts from rusting. At the same time, the oil also needs to maintain appropriate viscosity, dispersibility, and high-temperature stability. Black silicon carbide powder is a wear-resistant, oxidation-resistant, high-temperature-resistant, and high thermal conductivity material. Black silicon carbide F240 and F320 can greatly help the function of engine oil.

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