Refractory black silicon carbide always works as a Metallurgical deoxidizer in the steel-making industry to replace ferrosilicon and other materials. It is also suitable for making high-temperature resistance products such as casting filters.

The advantages of silicon carbide as a deoxidizer include:

  1. The continuous casting billet will get a proper solidification structure by adopting Refractory black silicon carbide.
  2. The oxygen content in the steel will be reduced. Thus and defects such as subcutaneous bubbles and looseness will be less. As a result, it can improve the quality of steel liquid.
  3. Silicon carbide can desulfurize molten steel;
  4. The quality of molten steel can be stabilized, and it has the function of refining the crystal grains and removing harmful impurities in the molten steel. The molten steel casting temperature will be higher and the quality of the slab will be better.


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