Black SiC F1200 Ultrafine Powder for Aerogel Reinforced Composites

Aerogel-reinforced composites are thermal insulation and fireproof materials with aerogel as aggregate. Lightweight thermal insulation material favorable for aerogel material. The mechanical strength, thermal conductivity, and dielectric adjustability of aerogel composites can be improved by adding black SiC ultrafine powder F1200.

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Green SiC powder 4000# for Polyester sanding film

Polyester sandpaper, also known as polyester sanding film. It is a special sandpaper with the base of deformable polyester film. Applications mostly for high precision, such as automotive paint polishing, precision mold crankshafts, semiconductors, aerospace, etc.

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Green silicon carbide wire sawing VS. Diamond wire sawing

Green silicon carbide powder is a common wire-sawing material in the photovoltaic industry. In recent years, the photovoltaic industry has significantly shrunk, and wire sawing is mainly used for slicing silicon wafers in the semiconductor industry. Diamond wire made from SiC powder combined with steel wire and diamond powder has become the two main tools for chip sawing. The differences between the two wire sawing methods are:

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Black SiC powder 800# for semiconductor equipment – porous silicon carbide ceramic

In semiconductor production equipment, high-performance ceramic components are essential. Especially silicon carbide ceramics are important components in key equipment such as etching machines, lithography machines, ion implantation machines, etc. For example, grinding and polishing suction cups, photolithography suction cups, inspection suction cups, etching processes, and motion platforms all have the presence of silicon carbide ceramics. These silicon carbide ceramic components have good structural stability, thermal stability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high dimensional accuracy. Silicon carbide powder, as the main raw material for producing silicon carbide ceramics, must also have good and stable properties. Among them,  black SiC powder 800# for porous silicon carbide ceramic suction cups is a typical application.

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Green SiC powder for Superabrasives

Resin-bonded superabrasives are grinding tools made mainly from artificial diamond or cubic boron nitride as the main raw materials. In addition to superabrasive materials, filling materials are often added to superhard grinding tools to achieve reinforcement, increase porosity, and reduce costs. Green SiC powder, as a filling material for superhard grinding tools, has the following functions and advantages:

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