Black Silicon Carbide Grit #360 Mesh for PTFE paint

The wear-resistant powder in PTFE paint usually uses green silicon carbide micro powder because green silicon carbide has high hardness and wear resistance. It is suitable for improving the wear resistance of coatings. It is commonly for cooking tools, pharmaceutical reaction containers, chemical equipment, etc. In contrast, black silicon carbide usually has slightly lower hardness and is not as wear-resistant as green silicon carbide. However, in areas where product precision is not high, such as the building materials industry, customers also partially replace green silicon carbide with Black Silicon Carbide Grit #360 Mesh.

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Black Silicon carbide F030 for the wear-resistant layer of mud pumps on dredgers

Black silicon carbide F030 is a good wear-resistance media as a layer aggregate for dredger mud pumps. The model of silicon carbide F030 conforms to the particle size distribution of the European standard FEPA F30. The basic particle size of  30mesh is 0.6mm. Silicon carbide is not a natural ore, but an abrasive product obtained through high-temperature smelting in a large resistance furnace. Black silicon carbide(cacbua silic)  SiC content is higher than 98.5%. It belongs to first grade carborundum.

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Black SiC F1200 Ultrafine Powder for Aerogel Reinforced Composites

Aerogel-reinforced composites are thermal insulation and fireproof materials with aerogel as aggregate. Lightweight thermal insulation material favorable for aerogel material. The mechanical strength, thermal conductivity, and dielectric adjustability of aerogel composites can be improved by adding black SiC ultrafine powder F1200.

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Green SiC powder 4000# for Polyester sanding film

Polyester sandpaper, also known as polyester sanding film. It is a special sandpaper with the base of deformable polyester film. Applications mostly for high precision, such as automotive paint polishing, precision mold crankshafts, semiconductors, aerospace, etc.

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Green silicon carbide wire sawing VS. Diamond wire sawing

Green silicon carbide powder is a common wire-sawing material in the photovoltaic industry. In recent years, the photovoltaic industry has significantly shrunk, and wire sawing is mainly used for slicing silicon wafers in the semiconductor industry. Diamond wire made from SiC powder combined with steel wire and diamond powder has become the two main tools for chip sawing. The differences between the two wire sawing methods are:

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