Haixu is committed to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for the green silicon carbide industries of today and tomorrow.

Silicon Carbide Manufacturer

Haixu Abrasives is a manufacturer and supplier of silicon carbide(carborundum) material in China. With over 30 years of experience in the production and sales of black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide, we pride ourselves on serving many customers through long-term, trust-based relationships.

Industry events and company news


Black SiC F1200 Ultrafine Powder for Aerogel Reinforced Composites

Aerogel-reinforced composites are thermal insulation and fireproof materials with aerogel as aggregate. Lightweight thermal insulation material favorable for aerogel material. The mechanical strength, thermal conductivity, and dielectric adjustability of aerogel composites can be improved by adding black SiC ultrafine powder F1200.

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Green SiC powder 4000# for Polyester sanding film

Polyester sandpaper, also known as polyester sanding film. It is a special sandpaper with the base of deformable polyester film. Applications mostly for high precision, such as automotive paint polishing, precision mold crankshafts, semiconductors, aerospace, etc.

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Our Six Key Values

The goals we set for our products and services are to improve our clients’ products’ performance, improve the efficiency of their manufacturing processes, or extend the lifetime of their equipment. We intend to achieve this through our “Six Key Values”.

  • Reliability of Supply
  • Consistency of Quality
  • Innovation in conjunction with our customers (co-development)
  • Respect for confidentiality for each customer
  • Local presence combined with worldwide excellence standards
  • Respect for the environment, health, and safety
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