Green SiC powder for Superabrasives

Green SiC powder for Superabrasives


Resin-bonded superabrasives are cutting & grinding tools made mainly from artificial diamond or cubic boron nitride as the main raw materials. In addition to superabrasive materials, filling materials are necessary to achieve reinforcement, increase porosity, and reduce costs. Green SiC powder, as a filling material for superhard grinding tools, has the following functions and advantages:

1. Excellent reinforcement effect.


The hardness of green SiC ranks behind artificial diamond and CBN abrasives in artificial abrasives and is higher than other traditional abrasives. Therefore, its reinforcement effect is better than alloy powders such as copper powder and cobalt powder.

2. Strong binding ability with resin.


Green SiC powder is a non-metallic material that is more easily wetted by resin, thus improving its bonding ability with resin.

3. Good thermal conductivity is beneficial for heat dissipation.


Superabrasives tools have the characteristics of cold grinding. However, the resin in superabrasives is not resistant to high temperatures and can also affect the conduction of grinding heat. The thermal conductivity coefficient of green SiC micro powder is 60-200W/M · K.  It is conducive to thermal conductivity and improves the durability of the grinding tool.

4. Stable performance at room temperature and high temperature.


Superabrasives are usually used in conjunction with coolant. The coolant is mostly acidic or alkaline. Green SiC powder can maintain good chemical stability in most acidic and alkaline environments. Even at high temperatures, there will be no reaction between acid and alkali. Therefore, compared to alloy powder fillers, silicon carbide has significant advantages.

5. The coefficient of thermal expansion is close to that of superabrasives.


The thermal expansion coefficient of green silicon carbide micro powder is 4.0-4.8×10-6. It is close to that of diamond 1.2-4.5×10-6. Therefore, during the production and grinding process of the grinding tool, the main abrasive and filler exhibit a consistent volume expansion rate. Thus, it can prevent the grinding tool from cracking.

6. Complete granularity.


The particle size of green SiC powder ranges from 240#to 10000#. Those are conventional specifications of green silicon carbide micro powder manufacturers.  It can match superabrasive grains perfectly.

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