Green SiC 600mesh 800 mesh for PCB abrasive rollers

Green SiC 600mesh 800 mesh for PCB abrasive rollers

In the production process of printed circuit boards, the grinding process runs through the entire production process. By grinding the PCB, it is possible to remove fine fibers and dust on the surface of the board, remove dust from micro holes after drilling, and remove the oxide film on the copper surface. PCB board ceramic abrasive roller is an efficient grinding tool. It is usually made of green silicon carbide micro powder (green SiC 600 mesh 800mesh and other models) or aluminum oxide micro powder added with a foaming agent to make an elastic grinding roller. Green SiC powder has superior performance due to its efficient grinding ability.

The ceramic grinding roller made of green silicon carbide micro powder is essentially a solidified grinding tool, using foaming agents or rubber as the bonding agent. Its main functions include the following aspects:

1. Clean the ink remaining in the fine holes on the PCB board after transfer printing.
2. Surface flatness repair after laminating resin.
3. Clean the burrs after drilling, the adhesive spots after lamination, and the oxide film before printing after copper deposition.

Using green silicon carbide micro powder as the raw material for ceramic grinding rollers, the main particle sizes are 320 # 400 # 600 # 800 # 1200 # 2500 #. The main advantages of choosing green silicon carbide micro powder abrasives are:

1. Good hardness and brittleness performance. On the one hand, high hardness can ensure high grinding efficiency. On the other hand, good self-sharpening of SiC powder can improve the sharpness of grinding. Especially for grinding copper-plated plates, the SiC particles can quickly remove excess copper material. Thus, it prevents adhesion and blockage of ceramic grinding rollers.
2. Green silicon carbide has strong resistance to aluminum oxide. High temperature during grinding will not affect the stability of the grinding tool.
3. Green silicon carbide micro powder is an ultra-fine powder produced through the water washing process, with a narrow particle range and high concentration uniformity. The grinding roller made does not damage the hole opening or scratch the PCB board, resulting in a uniform grinding surface.
4. The green silicon carbide micro powder washed with water has good purity, low magnetic content, and few impurities, which can improve the quality of grinding rollers.


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