black silicon carbide price

This week, the silicon carbide price continued to decline. At present, the black silicon carbide price of 98% blocks is reduced by about 50 USD per ton compared with last week in Ningxia & Gansu Province.

Some silicon carbide production enterprises have many products in stock. And they withdraw funds by releasing more supply to the market at the end of the year. As a result, the price is reduced. However, there are still some silicon carbide manufacturers to maintain price stability in consideration of subsequent market supply reduction. In terms of supply, most manufacturers have insufficient operating rates and low production enthusiasm. They are waiting for the follow-up dynamics of the market. Since September 2021, the price of silicon carbide has continuously raised. Purchasing enterprises and users reduce the purchase volume and just purchase on demand. Subsequent price cuts may lead to an increase in the purchase volume.

It is expected that the silicon carbide market will stabilize and the black silicon carbide price will rise steadily next week.

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