Black SiC F1200 Ultrafine Powder for Aerogel Reinforced Composites

Black SiC F1200 Ultrafine Powder for Aerogel Reinforced Composites

Aerogel-reinforced composites are thermal insulation and fireproof materials with aerogel as aggregate. Lightweight thermal insulation material favorable for aerogel material. The mechanical strength, thermal conductivity, and dielectric adjustability of aerogel composites can be improved by adding black SiC ultrafine powder F1200.

Adding black SiC ultrafine powder (C F1200) to Aerogel Reinforced Composites has several advantages:

1. Mechanical strength and wear resistance.

Black silicon carbide powder is a material with high hardness. Its hardness ranks behind diamond, boron carbide, and green silicon carbide in the hardness of artificial abrasives. Adding 3.5 micron SiC ultrafine powder to aerogel products can improve materials’ mechanical strength and wear resistance. Thus, the composites are suitable for applications requiring wear resistance or high strength.

2. Thermal stability.

Black SiC powder has excellent high-temperature resistance, with a refractory temperature of around 1900 degrees. Adding aerogels can improve their high-temperature resistance and keep stable performance in high-temperature environments.

3. Electrical performance.

Silicon carbide is a semiconductor material with special electrical properties. The dielectric properties of the materials can be adjusted by adding SiC into the nano aerogel.

4. Chemical stability.

Silicon carbide can maintain good physical and chemical properties at high temperatures without being corroded by irritating substances such as acids and bases. When added to the aerogel composite, it will not react with the formula of the aerogel itself. The insulation products made are also less susceptible to the erosion of gases produced by combustion.

5. Lightening.

The bulk density of black carborundum ultrafine powder F1200 is only 0.78-0.9g/cm3, and the specific gravity is about 3.2g/cm3. It can maintain the lightweight characteristics of aerogel composites.

However, not all silicon carbide powders on the market suit this application. Suspension-treated black SiC ultrafine powder with uniform particle size distribution, high purity, and less dust can work better with aerogel materials.

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