Haixu is committed to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for the green silicon carbide industries of today and tomorrow.

Silicon Carbide Manufacturer

Haixu Abrasives is a manufacturer and supplier of silicon carbide(carborundum) material in China. With over 30 years of experience in the production and sales of black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide, we pride ourselves on serving many customers through long-term, trust-based relationships.

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Is silicon carbide powder an insulating material?

Silicon carbide is a high-temperature and high-power semiconductor material in the semiconductor field. However, there is a fundamental difference between silicon carbide semiconductor materials and silicon carbide abrasive materials in the field of grinding. Silicon carbide in the semiconductor industry is a single crystal grown by PVT or HTCVD method. It shows different conductivity with temperature change. In the field of grinding, silicon carbide powder is a silicon carbide polymer produced by high-temperature melting and smelting. It is an insulting material at room temperature and suitable for making silicon carbide functional ceramics.

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Black silicon carbide F220 F240 used for abrasive filament

Abrasive brushes made from SiC abrasive filament are suitable for grinding and cleaning difficult-to-clean tubular or porous metal castings. The substrate of abrasive brush wire is nano-modified nylon. It is elastic and gets bending properties. Black silicon carbide is the main material. Mixing SiC abrasive material and Nylon together to produce nylon abrasive filament. Then adopt an abrasive filament to produce an abrasive filament disc or brush. The mostly used grits are black silicon carbide F36-F220 abrasive grain and black silicon carbide powder F240-F400.

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Our Six Key Values

The goals we set for our products and services are to improve our clients’ products’ performance, improve the efficiency of their manufacturing processes, or extend the lifetime of their equipment. We intend to achieve this through our “Six Key Values”.

  • Reliability of Supply
  • Consistency of Quality
  • Innovation in conjunction with our customers (co-development)
  • Respect for confidentiality for each customer
  • Local presence combined with worldwide excellence standards
  • Respect for the environment, health, and safety
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